Welcome guys, gals and pals

This is not the first time I have written a blog post.   I’ve done this before, but did I follow through?  The answer is no.  I can’t tell you why. I don’t really know what switch went off that told me to stop writing, but something happened, and I got lazy.   But this time it’s going to be different.  I’m on a new journey now, exploring the words in my scatterbrain and bringing them to digital fruition.   I’ll stick to it this time.  I think it’s got something to do with being 30 now.  I think I’m wiser. I  think I’ve matured.  I think I’m getting more of a handle on life than I ever have before,  whatever that means.

If you’re reading this you’re curious about what I’ll be writing about and why.  Well the goal is to stick to things that are passionate to me, and along the way, teaching something to those who choose to read my words. I’m calling this coffee and heavy lifting because they seem to epitomize what I’m all about.  Coffee chats, coffee dates, coffee shops- they’re for social interaction, chatting, story telling, brainstorming. Plus, I do indeed love coffee ( and all things consumable … let’s be real).


Heavy Lifting has dual meaning.  Fitness is a passion of mine, and friends will say when it comes to the barbell… I just LOVE it. The push, the pain, the mental and physical release. The barbell doesn’t care how good or bad your day was or what your hair looks like or the random breakout on your face. It just needs to be lifted.  But heavy lifting is also the emotional and mental lifting we do in our lives.   From the (semi-minor) strains of planning my wedding, to career juggling to family politics.  The heavy lifting never really ends, now does it?

And for now, this is post number one.  I’m sticking to it.  And this time it’ll be the last of the first.

Stay Tuned



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